The University Division of Anaesthesia was formally established in 1991 on the Addenbrookes’s site with Professor J Gareth Jones as the first Head of Department. Departmental facilities are housed adjacent to the NHS Anaesthetic Department, Main Operating theatres, and the John Farman Intensive Care Unit.

In addition to office space, the Department contains an Image Processing Lab (funded by the Royal Society and supported by a high speed departmental network), and laboratory facilities for automated ELISA assays, immunohistochemistry, cell culture, digital confocal microscopy and molecular biology.

See below for the research themes our Division focuses on.

Acute Brain Injury

The acute brain injury research program of the University of Cambridge Division of Anaesthesia has aimed to understand regional cerebral pathophysiology to advance the care of critically ill patients after brain injury, from initial ictus, through recovery from coma and rehabilitation, to final outcome.

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Physiology in Critical Illness

The Physiology in Critical Illness Group carries out a wide range of research into physiological processes related mainly to acute cardiorespiratory illness. We are interested in the experimental study, application and mathematical modelling of physiology in the critically ill.

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Patient Safety

The Patient Safety Research Group is concerned with the study of the human and procedural determinants of patient safety in critical situations.

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The Pain team within the Division of Anaesthesia is part of CamPAIN, the Cambridge research consortium comprising an extensive collaboration between basic and clinical science researchers in Cambridge.

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Consciousness and Cognition

The aim of the Consciousness and Cognition group is twofold. We investigate both the neural basis of consciousness and the neural basis for poor cognitive outcome following traumatic brain injury.

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Biology of Critical Illness

The biology of critical illness research program at the University of Cambridge Division of Anaesthesia aims to elucidate the mechanisms underlying the development of common conditions occurring in the critically ill, such as sepsis and acute lung injury.  Our particular focus is the role of neutrophils in the pathogenesis of these conditions.

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